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User Name Remember Me? Is there a way to show fan speed? As with all Windows gadgets, we could drag it around wherever we wanted on the desktop and access its settings by right-clicking the desktop and selecting Gadgets.

Windows 7 gadgets download cpu temperature

Thanks for making such an awesome gadget! Core Temp Gadget simply displays data from Core Temp in an unobtrusive desktop gadget. Below are the best free Windows 7 gadgets they work in Windows Vista too that can be used to help keep track of system resources: I also like the idea of this changing colour to indicate the temp as well - could be used instead of PC Temp! I already tried it solved How do i show the temp of my cpu in windows 7?

Now I found it. Had just installed new HD on laptop.

The iPhone Battery Windows 7 gadget has to be one of the coolest gadgets around.

Click here for more information. Very deceptive install process meant to load up infinite amount of crap. Thanks for making such an awesome gadget! Really cool gadget This is a really cool gadget to have, its fun and very useful at the same time. I always feel confident knowing I have this great gadget for all my processing needs. Write Your Review Fudsey 9-Nov

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