Parents Connie and Walt masterfully guide fifteen-year-old Jeremy Duncan through the pratfalls of teenagedom accompanied by his girlfriend Sara and best friends Hector and Pierce. Zits has attracted an enormous following of fans, teenagers and adults alike.

Jim lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he is the editorial cartoonist for the Cincinnati Enquirer. He labors in the shadow of Chad, his perfect older brother who is away at college. Pierce replaced the former drummer, Y.

Depicting teenage and parental angst like no other comic strip, Zits focuses on Jeremy hanging out with his friends, playing guitar, dating, driving and uncool. Best Answer: try this, -. Source(s). peg leg 2- £ · 8 years Zits Comic Strip. Source(s): Zits Comics about downloads and downloading. These are available for you to license for books, magazines, newsletters, presentations and websites. Roll-over.

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What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Artfully exploring insecurities, societal pressures, and just plain teenage goofiness, Scott and Borgman contrast the experiences of adolescence and parenthood. Available For Download Below! By missy on December 26, This hilarious collection of Zits comic strips chronicles the perplexing, infuriating, and loving relationship between teenager and father, serving as an entertaining guide to the peculiar art of parenting a teenager.

This is the book every fan of Zits has ever wanted! Contains a pull-out poster similar to the book cover showing the characters dancing. From mood swings to the perils of sharing a car, this collection broaches many familiar topics with humor and compassion.

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Zits levels the playing field and often causes gasp! Extra Cheesy Zits offers a light-hearted yet insightful look into the multifaceted lives of modern teens and their families, complemented by annotations from the creators. Sign in Subscribe Scrapbook Favorites Comics Kingdom The best comic strips, editorial cartoons and puzzles in all the land.

Parents themselves, Borgman and Scott have learned a thing or two about living with and parenting teenagers. Available For Download Below!

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