Immersed VR VirtualReality … https: I also have all the time crashes to desktop with my Asus Engtx DCII,I just can play the game for a few secs and then it crashes to desktop. We need convergence control in BF3. Works fine without the mod. My comments were about 3D only. After I started the game it was around 4.

With the latest PC update for Battlefield 3 we now support Stereoscopic 3D on supported hardware. Stereoscopic 3D adds another dimension. -Update 3Dmigoto(Include StereoFlagsDX10 = 0x) . From 3d vision forum "I will upload BFH fix tomorrow here in the Strange because Battlefield 3 (3D Native) works great without issue (like . So does that mean the 3Dmigoto files fix issues that the files for download here don't fix? Meant to be Seen reviews Battlefield 3 in stereoscopic 3D on AMD, Nvidia Since it's first patch, it supports AMD HD3D and Nvidia's 3D Vision.

Battlefield 3 3d vision patch download

We got a stellar result! The reason for this is because DICE is rendering the weapon indicators as 2D objects without any depth information.

Anonymous October 27, at As a result we have made some adjustments to the in-game Squad management screen. Show comments 15 Add comment. However, the convergence is locked.

Any suggestions on perhaps using Internet Explorer 9 as the hub for BattleLog which I hate… Thanks for your responses. Our next driver release next week will have further workarounds for the issue but the complete fix will come from the game.

So, to clarify, the timing IS pretty crucial The first impression I walked away with during the campaign was that the graphics quality is amazing.

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